We want full immersion. Tower Tag comes with an optional customized gun controller for the HTC Vive. The VR Gun comes with an extra strong feedback system integrated. Other 3rd party gun controllers can be integrated if needed.

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No need for long introductions. The intuitive controls allow for a broad audience. The players can directly put on the VR gear and have fun right away. The core mechanics just need one button, but still allow for a highly tactical approach.

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Tower Tag literally all revolves around the platform with its obelisk. The obelisk is available as a real element made out of acrylic glas. The acrylic obelisk is fully compatible with the HTC Vive Lighthouse laser tracking system.

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Custom design adaptations

VR arcade owners can order custom design demands. From branding integration up to alternative level design and much more.

Physically engaging gameplay

A match in Tower Tag leaves the player with a satisfying feeling of real engagement. It’s actually a real sport, just in Virtual Reality. #vSports

PVP only

Playing against and with friends is still the biggest fun you can have in VR. This is why Tower Tag is focused totally on competitive team gameplay.

No Chaperone necessary

Since the game takes place on 2m x 2m platforms located high in the skies, the player will never feel the need to cross the play area. This avoids the disorientation often caused by the Chaperone safety system.

Scalabale Multiplayer Action

Tower Tag is meant to be played with other Players. Play solo against another player or team up with others to play the co-op multiplayer and claim victory over the other team.

Pure immersion

Because the real acrylic glas towers matches the one in VR it adds a new level of immersion to the experience. When also using a custom gun controller you really feel as if you were inside the Tower Tag arena.

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