Our first big update is all about the feedback we’ve gotten from our users. We hope you’ll like it. Happy Easter!

[Climbing is now possible] You can grab nearly everything to pull yourself up. This provides a much better control over the avatar. But note that climbing is only possible if the player has enough energy. Energy can only be refilled on the ground now.

[Exploration Mode] Explore and find some gems here. More quests will come.

[New user challenge modes] Time, ground contacts, energy and arcade mode will make the user challenge more diverse and attractive.

[Longer glides] We changed the aerodynamics to enable longer glides.

[Distinguishable contrails] If you carefully observe you can now differ whether a contrail is made by you or made earlier.

[Settings] We added some setting options.

[Trigger button only] Grip button is legacy. You can use the trigger button for all interactions.

[General bugfixes & improvements] We aren’t saying that there aren’t any glitches or bugs anymore ;)

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